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Sunnies Questions

Our frames are made of plastic and have a soft touch coating. Our sunglasses use TAC lenses, which are polarized, scratch-resistant and offer UV 400 protection. Our Blue Mirage glasses use Polycarbonate Lenses (PC). None of our glasses are made out of chocolate. Stop trying to eat them.

We do not offer prescription or readers.

The good news is we do have lots of customers who have had their prescription filled with our goodr frames! We suggest asking your ophthalm… optome… eye care professionals if your prescription would work in our frames.

All of our glasses offer glare-reducing polarized lenses and UV400 protection that blocks those harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The following sunnies are not polarized

We also carry clear non-polarized blue light-blocking glasses

None of our glasses have been worn by polar bears, but we like to imagine this happening. SO. CUTE.

If most sunglasses feel too tight or do not sit back on your face comfortably, you probably need our larger BFG style for your impressive melon. If most glasses fit you comfortably, most of our frames will too, so shop based on styles you like! Or just go outside and ask strangers if you have a big head. Their answers might surprise you!!!

Yes please!

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