Move over "mustachioed plumber guy" and "creepy anthropomorphic blue hedgehog": Gaming's newest superstar is Carl The Flamingo! In goodr TROPIC DASH, Carl must steal as many sunglasses, cocktails and shrimp as possible. (That's right, STEAL. Not collect. Carl's a kleptomaniac.) But make sure you avoid obstacles like the evil UV rays and maybe-evil blue light. They're constantly trying to kill you, like all animals in Australia.


  1. Begin by pressing Start. Duh.
  2. Click your mouse, tap on your trackpad, or if you’re playing on mobile tap that finger to get Carl the Flamingo to jump, jump, JUMP!
  3. Hop over all the dangerous UV rays and deadly blue light. You earn 10 points every time you successfully hop over them.

    Blue light is bad UV icon

  4. Steal all the tiki drinks, sunglasses, and shrimp, until your heart's content.

    OG shades icon = 100 POINTS

    Always go for this cocktail drink = 50 POINTS

    Shrimp icon, baby! = 25 POINTS

  5. Scores are reset at the beginning of every month. If you legitimately beat CEO Carl's high score, we will contact you for a prize!
  6. By providing your email address you will be granting goodr permission to send you our incredibly fun, not lame at all, emails. (You can thank us later.)


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