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What happens when a flamingo and a polar bear get together on the beach for Earth Day?


Carl the Flamingo, goodr CEO, wanted to develop a deeper partnership with one of his favorite organizations, 1% for the Planet. This idea has been brewing in Carl’s brain ever since goodr became a proud member in March 2018. Two years later, he has DONE IT!

Carl and his polar bear buddy felt it was important to try to return the favor for all of the efforts that 1% has made to make the world a better place. 1% of the Planet has helped give 1% of goodr’s annual sales directly to organizations like Protect Our Winters, Heal the Bay, and the Coral Reef Alliance-- because you know, fish rule. Carl and Mr. P (“P” for polar bear, because Carl refuses to disclose his friend’s actual name for some weird reason. The office speculates that he’s the cub from the movie “The Journey Home”) figured, what not a better way to honor this awesome company than to create the ULTIMATE eco friendly goodr sunglasses. But how!??

The two dudes spent sleepless nights (and crushed an unhealthy amount of shrimp cocktail, even for a waterfowl) developing a goodr Recycling Machine. The result, shades made from trash-- recycled sunglasses that come in a recycled paper box.

Introducing the most perfect atmospheric clear frame eco friendly sunglasses with ocean blue mirrored reflective polarized lenses. Bonus: a cool little 1% for the Planet logo is printed on the arm so you can let Mother Earth know how much you love her all year round.

“SQUAWWWKKK’N SQUAWK!!!” Carl shouted at the top of his flamingo lungs while he watched his vision come to life. Our flaminglists translated this, “HAPPY MOTHER F’N EARTH DAY ERRDAY HUMANS!”


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