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Beast Community Manager: Wrangling beast communities to support connection in goodr’s ecosystem

In Season 3, Episode 17 of CULTURE goodr, after having a spooooky dream where he is attacked by a Frankenstein monster, Doogie goes to a psychiatrist and realizes that he is missing out on life because of his job. Wait a second, that is Season 2 Episode 1 of Doogie Howser, M.D. (aptly called Doogenstein). We wonder if Stephen or Shaun has ever dreamed that they were being attacked by a Doogenstein monster?! Oops, we did it again. This was totally not related to the CULTURE goodr Podcast. Do you think a doctor could help us figure out why our copywriters keep making these bizarre mistakes?! Or do you think they’re deliberately doing it just to be punks?!

In season 3, episode 17 of CULTURE goodr, Stephen and Shaun hulk out while exploring our BEAST vertical. BEAST goodr was our second vertical which we launched after RUN. So, you may be wondering: What’s a BEAST?! They’re our CrossFitters, weightlifters, and OCR athletes!!! Just like our RUN community, our BEAST athletes are community-driven and love to have fun. When goodr created the BEAST vertical, we didn’t anticipate the lack of small retailers in the CrossFit, OCR, and weightlifting space here in the U.S. So we had to shift our model from how we approached RUN. We started investing and going to major events like WOD-A-Palooza and the CrossFit world championships. In this episode, Stephen and Shaun chat with Stephany, our Beast Wrangler, aka our Beast Community Manager. As you can imagine she has been instrumental in growing this vertical and community here at goodr!!!

Before goodr, Stephany was actually a head coach at a CrossFit Box. One of the members at this particular Box worked for goodr at the time and invited her to our BEAST G.A.M.S. (pronounced “GAMES,” obviously ). It was here that Stephany got a glimpse into goodr!!! A couple of months later she ended up tagging along and helping out at a goodr event where she got to glimpse even more behind the magic curtain of goodr. She knew she wanted IN and was excited to see the community manager position was open just a couple of months later. She took a chance and applied, and here she is two years later wrangling beasts!!! She wrangles several different communities within the beast community from CrossFit obstacle course racing (also known as OCR), weightlifting, traditional gym life, functional fitness hits, and high-intensity interval training.

The BEAST vertical campaign is “Be Loud. Be You. Be a Beast.” Basically “Be Loud” encourages beasts to post as many goshdarn videos as they want, to talk about the sport as much as they want, to roar those PR roars, and make those awkward grunt noises in the gym!!! We want people to know that Beast goodr accepts everyone, no matter who or what they are (unless they’re an asshole), hence “Be you.” And lastly, “Be a beast.” This could be someone’s first time setting foot in a gym or at an event, or it could be their third time on the top of a podium. As long as they show up and put in the work, they're a beast. One of the coolest things about our BEAST platform is that Stephany wanted to make it available to as many different athletes as possible. She has tried her hardest to partner with a diverse group that includes different sports within the community, adaptive athletes, different age ranges, and different skill levels. Being able to build a community that showcases how diverse and accepting goodr is something that makes her really happy!

Stephany, Shaun, and Stephen cover lots more about the BEAST vertical in this episode. Be sure to tune into the episode to learn all about Stephany’s adventures as a professional Beast Wrangler.

Here are Stephany’s cheat codes for anyone in the BEAST space:

1) Dream big and go for it!!!

2) Take a beat and assess your bandwidth.

3) Don’t go at it alone - let your support system build you up and help you achieve your goals and show your gratitude to them!!!

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