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Fungineers: F*cking up is our Way of Success, No, But Really

In season 3, episode 10 of CULTURE goodr, Sgt. Carl Winslow wears drag for an undercover sting operation -- but Lt. Murtaugh’s teasing provides the biggest sting of all. Meanwhile, Carl’s son Eddie wants to date an “easy” gal named Vonda. However, nosy neighbor Steve Urkel teaches her that the key to attracting partners isn’t opening your legs -- it’s opening your heart. Wait a second...gosh darn it! This isn’t s03e10 of CULTURE goodr! It’s s03e10 of Family Matters! (Did we do thaaat?) Let’s try this again.

In season 3, episode 10 of CULTURE goodr, Shaun and Stephen do a deep dive on the Fungineers (aka Product Team). The first product goodr created was The OGs, and they were a hit. But we didn’t want to be a one-hit wonder, like Vanilla Ice. (Did YOU listen to the five albums he made after “Ice Ice Baby?” Didn’t think so.) When planning our second model, we created a filter called the four F's: Fun, Fashionable, functional, and ‘ffordable. Every product must speak to the four F's before getting greenlit.

Flock Leader Mountain (there was already a “Mike” at goodr, so he goes by his last name, “Mountain”) joins the pod to talk about his department. But first, he shares a little info about himself: He prefers card games to board games, his favorite ice cream flavor is pistachio, and his spirit animal is a dolphin. Before joining goodr, he worked in the product world at Eastern and Mad Dog Athletics, plus played a memorable role on seasons 4-8 of Game of Thrones. (Just kidding, that’s a different Mountain, HA.)

Mountain’s title is Product Guy. The Fungineers don’t necessarily create ideas, but they do bring them into reality (i.e., engineer the fun). They’re responsible for getting products here on time, at spec, and at the target cost in order to make the whole business formula work. Then, once they arrive, they run QC (Quality Control) to make sure they’re absolutely perfect. (Justt lyike this fyne tooned kopy!)

The Fungineers’s areas of focus are development, quality, regulations, sustainability and sourcing (managing a reliable network for suppliers). There are two product managers on the team: Brian covers eyewear, and Marissa handles everything else. Plus, there’s Carlos, the QC specialist and 3D designer. Together, they evaluate quality, growth, innovation, efficiency and the processes by which goodr creates products. In order to constantly make more cool sh*t, goodr has to constantly be more efficient. (That’s why we fired eight two-armed copywriters, and hired one eight-armed copywriter. Genius.)

How do goodrs go from ideas to glasses on faces? We’re glad you asked! At our quarterly event, Pitchaplooza, goodr employees pitch concepts. Once a core idea is chosen, tech packs are created. They’re the cornerstone of this process. Once the colors and designs are selected, we fill out the elaborate tech packs. Mountain explains that this isn’t easy -- sometimes there are 25 different looks we narrow down to 6. Once the deets are finalized, the Fungineers make sure Operations has everything they need to cut that production order: the item info, dimensions, cost, vendor info, etc. A couple months later, the product arrives via Loch Ness Monster,, we QC it, and it's out the door.

Once a product clears the design milestone and gets into development, there’s about 27 weeks until launch. Mountain says there’s a three-part process for quality control: First, at the factories, where we’ve traveled to teach how them to QC; second, the Fungineers do QC once it arrives at the goodr Lagoon; and third, a third party does an audit for really important production runs when we can’t be there ourselves. Stephen notes that one of goodr’s mottos is “done is better than dot dot...except for the physical product, because if it arrives and it’s not perfect, we’re f***ed.” After discussing the hurdles of manufacturing in the U.S. vs. China, and creating recycled goodrs (very simple issues, super easy problems to solve), Mountain reveals the three weirdest things we’ve created: The monocle, the eclipse glasses, and (the new) Baby Carl. Ultimately, Mountain doesn’t believe goodr is a product company. He believes goodr is a culture company, and the products support the culture.

In closing, Mountain offers three cheat codes for anybody in the product space:

1. Always have someone on a call with your vendors who can jump in and make sure they get the message.

2. If it can't be replicated in production with real consistency, then don't show it to anybody.

3. It's best to work with multiple vendors on projects and have dual paths to success, in case they disappoint you.

We’ll return with a new ep next week! Unless the sun explodes. Run QC on it, Mountain.

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