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Sales: The crustaceans that keep goodr growin’!

In season 3, episode 9 of CULTURE goodr, Jake returns to L.A. and uses a $50,000 reward he received from the FBI for helping crack the Palmer Woodward case to buy local pool hall (and local meat market), Shooters. Scheming Sydney can’t convince naive-to-a-fault Jane that sleazoid Chris is harassing her, even when Jake confirms Chris’s creepazoid behavior. Jane throws Sydney out of her apartment AND fires her (sisterly love, aww). Chris tells Sydney's parole officer AND Jane that Sydney is harassing HIM, and threatens to send her back to the asylum if she won’t make filthy whoopie with him. Crap. That’s describing Melrose Place. We’re starting to think that Aaron Spelling’s ghost is messaging us subliminally in our sleep. Sorry about that! We’ll get to CULTURE goodr right now...

In season 3, episode 9 of CULTURE goodr, Shaun and Stephen do a deep dive on the Storysellers (or Sales Team if you want to be like that!!) A super unique thing about our sales team here at goodr is that they earn no commission. That’s because goodr is a “we” vs. “I” company that celebrates the work over the results. We have a lot of amazing teams at goodr who come together to make the magic of goodr happen. It’s not just up to sales for us to be successful. Our Storysellers are of course part of the equation though; they lead by example and with empathy.

Storysellers’ Flock Leader, Alli, was kind enough to take a break from Harry Potter larping to join Stephen and Shaun on this week’s episode. She identifies as being of the House Gryffindor, but we don’t know if she’s really into larping. The fact that she is Gryffindor (courage, determination, basic goodness, etc.) ties in perfectly with her spirit animal, a Golden Eagle. The Golden Eagle is a perfect choice, as soaring and moving past hard situations just resonates with Alli. She’d probably ride one to play Quidditch. When pressed, she also admits her spirit animal may be a weasel but doesn’t elaborate. We’ll have to get back to you on that.

Alli has actually known founders Stephen and Keri since she was a small child. When they posted on social media looking for someone to work in the Distribution Center, Alli responded, and the rest is history!! She packed up and moved from Colorado to Los Angeles to fill the role, and her path led her to becoming head of sales. (It hasn’t quite led to her getting goodrs in the Harry Potter gift shop in the Scotland airport yet, but baby steps.)

Alli explains how the sales team structure at goodr is unconventional. At many companies, sales teams have a very linear structure, with defined territories, and paid commission. But here at goodr, our sales department is in a pod system, in more of a circular shape. We believe in people being in the right roles, not people being assigned to a geographical territory. So for example, if someone is really good at doing co-brands, Alli would want them to lead the co-brand side of our business. If someone is great at elevating key accounts, that person should be focused on key accounts, regardless of where they are geographically. We're really focused on roles and making sure that people are in the right role in helping our retailers or our B2B partners. At the very baseline goodr sells sunglasses. The Storysellers focus on storytelling, growth, connection, ambassadors, and cohesion. In order to grow, you have to expand your brand. You need risk-taking and community to do that and those are the Storysellers’ values.

Be sure to tune into the episode to find out what it takes to become a goodr retailer, why feeling the brand is super important, what sets us apart from other brands in the retail space, the other bizarre places Alli would like to see goodrs being sold, and lots more.

And of course, this wouldn’t be complete without Alli’s three cheat codes for anyone in the sales space:



3.“Always be closing (ABC). If all else fails, tell a drunk Limerick, listen, and then ABC.”

So yeah, always be closing. (Your undies drawer, the dishwasher, your laptop, the front door, your fly, your banking app, the oven...) We’ll be back again with a new episode next week!!

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