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SDL joins Alex Moehn and Apostoli Evreniadis of the Cream City Pacers podcast to discuss the origin of goodr (where TF is the “e”?!?!), using your fear as a strength (slurp up that power like pre-race pasta), and the meditative state runners find themselves in whether it’s three or 30 miles (or 300, but please, train for that one first).

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Origins, Fears, and Meditation

Welcome to the second installment of our CULTURE goodr REMIX Series! We bring you a special episode from the Cream City Pacers podcast based in Milwaukee. Hosts Alex and Apostoli rang up our Chief Executive Octopus, Stephen Lease, for a quick chat about all things goodr and the major motivators for running.

For starters, they love the CULTURE goodr podcast. Favorite episodes include Chill is the New Busy and No Gossip Please. Soo… if you haven’t been tuning in, put us in your ear on your next run. Episodes cover our culture procedures as well as our philosophy as a brand and how we maintain authenticity as we grow.

Our origin comes from when Stephen looked in a mirror one day before a run and thought to himself, “Wow. I look ridiculous.” With the expensive gear, state of the art fabrics, and $200 sunglasses. So he decided to create a brand where people can find humor and joy in the gear they wear while doing what they love. All at a price point that doesn’t feel like you just lost your big toenail. Ouch.

Thus, goodr was born. Complete with a grammatical error because it’s hard to take yourself too seriously when your name is misspelled. Duh. But beyond that, goodr is about breaking the rules and naming conventions, challenging the status quo without the paralyzing fear of failure. Because we expect to fail. And we’re ok with it.

Stephen, Alex, and Apostoli all agree that running can be a form of moving meditation. It’s a humbling practice where you can only control what you can control and beyond that, you are raw and exposed. Even the most experienced and prepared runner will need to walk, and having absurdly expensive sunglasses won’t prevent that. If you acknowledge that vulnerability and fear, you take the power. And suddenly the failures don’t feel that bad and the successes feel that much sweeter.

Cream City Pacers Rapid Fire Questions

What is your favorite pre-race pump up song? Right now it’s Broccoli by Duran.

What is one piece of advice you would give to new runners? Don’t be afraid to walk. I was just talking to somebody who is training for their first half marathon and people get in their mind that they just have to run the whole time. I mean, when I set my PR, I probably walked for 5 minutes that marathon. And man, just doing three miles, if you walk one of the three - who gives a shit? Do not be afraid to walk. Free yourself from that. That’s bullshit that you can’t do that.

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This episode of CULTURE goodr REMIX series was provided by Cream City Pacers with Alex Moehn and Apostoli Evreniadis.


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