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Sunglasses brand goodr is thrilled to announce their first collaboration with The Rolling Stones.

The “Hot Lips” line includes four stylish sunnies inspired by the legendary rock band: Tonguing You Since ‘62, Cold English Blood Runs Hot, Union Jack Flash, and What Would Keith Do? (Whenever you reach a crossroads, seek guidance from Keith Richards.)

The sunglasses feature vibrant artwork inspired by The Stones’ famous “tongue and lips” logo. (Admit it: You’d love to put Mick’s mouth on your face, even during a pandemic.) All four pairs have polarized lenses and the no-slip, no-bounce performance that made goodr “The Rolling Stones of sunglasses.” (People say that, right?)

rolling stones merchandise teal sunglasses
red and white hot lips rolling stones sunglasses
blue rolling stones sunglasses
black rolling stones sunglasses blue mirrored lenses
Since launching in 2015, goodr has been renowned for fun, affordable shades. Their products won Runner’s World Gear of the Year twice, plus scored features in PGA Buyer’s Choice, Men’s Health Best Buy, and Rolling Stone’s Favorite Sunglasses for Athletes. (Also, when Mick put on a pair, he experienced satisfaction for the very first time.)

In celebration of this new stupendous Rolling Stones merchandise, the Hot Lips line, goodr CEO Carl the Flamingo said, “SQUAAAWK!” This roughly translates to: “It’s a gas, gas, gas, to collaborate with the greatest rock band of all time! And get free front row tickets to all of their concerts forever. That’s in our contract, right? It better be. I’m a flamingo of wealth and taste. And Mick stole my dance moves.”

About Goodr:

We exist to give you permission to be unabashedly yourself… unless you’re an asshole. We make badass $25 sunglasses that speak to the four F’s: Fun, Fashionable, Functional and Ffordable. They don’t slip or bounce while running, beasting, biking, golfing or gaming… but if you’re an asshole they might burst into flames so watch out.

The Hot Lips series goodr sunglasses x the Rolling Stones merchandise


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