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At first Carl the Flamingo thought the idea was preposterous. “Let me get this straight,” he squawked, “you’re going to ride bikes nowhere? Like… clip into the pedals and sweat till it looks like you wet yourself?” He was baffled. “That sounds pretty lame. You could sit on the beach and drink piña coladas with me instead, but you do you.” Despite being the avian figure-head CEO of an active eyewear company (goodr sunglasses, the very site you’re on…), sometimes Carl needs a little nudging when it comes to getting his feathers off of the couch. We’ve all been there.

CycleBar Culver City is a flockin’ awesome boutique spin studio only ten minutes from the goodr Lagoon (aka goodr HQ). We told Carl what’s up: “Listen here CE-Bro, spin class is like if you take the pump up tunes out of a CrossFit class, mix it up with the mindfulness practice of a yoga class, and slap it on a bike. Instead of going from point A to point B on land, you’ll go from point A to point B in your MIND.”

goodr at cyclebar culver city
Carl was intrigued now… “Wait-- you know I love gettin’ funky to sweet tunes-- did you say there is music?!” The CycleStars aka extra radical instructors create unique playlists for each class, because in a spin class you ride the rhythm. Bonus: you can even stalk your spin instructor on Spotify and jack their tunes for yourself (this super comes in handy if you also enjoy a little performance hype on a run, or driving to the grocery store). The bird was sold.
beast goodr at spin class cyclebar culver city
Some of you may be reading this thinking-- “Wait, a fitness class during a pandemic? How could this be?” The typical CycleBar class is indoors, and set up like a friggin’ rock concert. Badass lighting and all. However, in the extra germy new world we’re living in, businesses have been flexing their ability to adapt and evolve. In this case, spin class is now outside! Carl liked the idea of being able to get a tan while exercising (we were going to say something about killing two birds with one stone, but that joke doesn’t resonate well at goodr).
run goodr at spin class cyclebar culver city
cyclestar in goodr sunglasses
Long story short-- the goodr x CycleBar spin class experience was insanely fun. We spread the goodr love by gifting sunnies to fellow riders, and the goodr crew got a kick-booty workout. What were Carl’s final thoughts? “The ground looked like I massacred Frosty the Snowman when I finished my ride. I didn’t even know flamingos could sweat until attending a class at CycleBar. My favorite parts were the tap backs and arm bars! I basically was dancing on my bike. It helped me trick myself into riding harder than I ever would have. Vibe score 10/10!”
goodr spin class
If you're a runner, cyclist, CrossFitter (slash lifter of sorts), gamer, fictional-humanoid-flamingo, or just a regular human looking to stay healthy and fit, spin class is an excellent way to cross train. If you're a snowman tho... you should probably steer clear.

Thank you CycleBar Culver City for having us!


goodr employees at cyclebar culver city


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