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Hey, this is the ghost of Bosley, goodr CEO Stephen Lease's beloved basset hound. [BARK!!!] After I died, I stayed behind to haunt The Lagoon (goodr's headquarters and warehouse in Inglewood, California.) Don't worry. I'm not haunting goodr forever. I'm just waiting for Stephen to die so that we can go to Hell together.

Anyway, ghosts don't need to sleep, so I have a lot of free time. I picked up some hobbies (yoga, saxophone, karate). I learned how to read and write. (Favorite book? Cujo. CUJO DID NOTHING WRONG!!!) And now I'm covering CULTURE goodr for the goodrTIMES. [ARROOOOOOO!!!!] Here's my blurb about episode 47 of CULTURE goodr.

What's recently changed at goodr? A lot. The only constant at goodr is change. As a company grows from 10 people to 50 people to 200 people, it's impossible to keep the same culture. Instead, the culture needs to evolve in the appropriate way. goodr's culture speaks to fun and authenticity. We want every employee to feel fulfilled and challenged.

goodr recently transformed from a launch brand into a brand brand; embraced an agency mindset; shifted structure from the flock system (13 teams) to the herd and flock system structure (six big teams nesting 15 smaller teams); turned employee mastery plans into culture-focused group connections; launched our first awareness campaign; created plans with 321 Vision (looking one, two and three years into the future); updated our productivity system to Doing to Done; adopted the NASA mindset (N'sights, Agility, Scalability, and Accountability); and created a quarterly checkpoint for all teams called PDA (Present, Debate, Align). So, yeah...just a FEW changes!!!

However, my favorite part of the podcast was this interaction:

SHAUN: "What do you like best about basset Hounds, Stephen?"

STEPHEN: "I mean, I love so much. I'm a hardcore runner. I don't want a dog I can run with. I want a lazy dog that can—I can chill with. But what I like most about them is they're a caricature of a dog. If you were to go to a cartoon artist at a fair and be like, draw a cartoon dog, it’d be a f*cking basset hound."

It's funny because it's true!!! See ya next week. [BARK, BARK, BARK!!!]



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