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  1. Gaming Glasses ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Sunglasses brand goodr is thrilled to announce GAME goodr, a new line of gaming sunglasses. Because gamers go outside too. Also, they saved Princess from the evil -- ohhh wait. Nope. She’s in another castle. Never mind. GAME goodr joins fellow verticals RUN goodr, BEAST goodr, BIKE goodr and GOLF goodr.* The 8-Bit Line features eight colorways inspired by retro games. (Sorry, Fortnite fans.) Five of them contain Blue Mirage Technology (aka blue light blocking glasses ...
  2. HTML Sitemap by HKT Apps Store View List Main Website Store Product List 24 Carrot Sunnies 8 Clap Eye Wraps A Ginger's Soul A goodr E-Gift Card ...
  3. Sunnies Questions What are your glasses made of? Our frames are made of plastic and have a soft touch coating. Our sunglasses use TAC lenses, which are polarized, scratch-resistant and offer UV 400 protection. Our Blue Mirage glasses use Polycarbonate Lenses (PC). None of our glasses are made out of chocolate. Stop trying to eat them. Do you fill prescriptions or offer reading glasses? We do not offer prescription or readers. The good news is we do have lots of customers who have had their prescription filled ...